Our Metal Shop has the installed capacity necessary to process finished and semi-finished pieces and parts leaving enough additional tolerance to ensure meeting the specified measurements.

Available equipment:

  • Tos SKJ-20Double Vertical Lathe
  • Bullard VTL 46”Vertical Lathe
  • Bullard 42” Vertical Lathe
  • King Vertical Lathe
  • Tos Parallel Lathe
  • Mori Seiki CNC SL-7 Parallel Lathe
  • Parallel Lathe
  • Pernil Parallel Lathe
  • Tadu FS-750 Frontal Lathes
  • Brushing Bridge Station
  • MINGATI Milling Machine
  • Joint BFT 130 Chucking Machine
  • Multiple Drills
  • Radial Drill


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